Iron Buffalo

Iron Buffalo is a weight room incentive program that measures an athlete's
speed, strength and quickness.  Things that are measured are bench, squat
clean, dips, pro agility, 40's, vertical jump, and standing long jump.  Each
weight or time is given a pre-determined, that when completed the totals
are added up from all 8 exercises to see if they fit into one of 4 catagories.
They are:  Brute, Monster, Creature, Beast
Brute 450-499 pts.
Monster 500-549 pts.
Creature 550-599 pts.
Beast 600 - up pts.
2011 Seth Alexander
Jayden Delarosa
Antonio Rubio
Asa Gottsponer
Gabe Luna
2012 Brady Bean
Greyson Tempel
2013 Hunter Delgado
Kelton Uthe
Jacob Norquest
Dustin Tempel
Quinton Mead
James Ngyuen
Dozie Ekweariri
2014 Ethan Yardley
Peyton Hill
Nalen Rincones
Caleb Tramp
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